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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are travel fees?
Travel fees vary on location. Click HERE to check out our travel/destination information. Email us at [email protected] for details.

How early should I book my date?
It is never too early to inquire and begin the booking process. The earlier always is the better, especially since it is not uncommon to get booked years in advance.

How do I book my date?
Email [email protected]
with your date and package selection and we will contact you as soon as possible with date confirmation and the necessary information. Once the retainer fee and contract is received and confirmation is communicated, booking is complete!
It really is that simple.


What is the "HD uncut ceremony footage"?
The High Definition uncut ceremony footage is all the footage of the ceremony from start to finish in chronological order. It is not put to any music and is minimally edited, if at all, thus sometimes called the "raw" ceremony footage. Watching the uncut ceremony is much like watching the ceremony as if you were in the audience attending the ceremony again. Because of the unedited nature of this film, it is typically a film the couple enjoys for personal remembrance and the feature film and trailer are for the rest of the world. Meaning social media, friends and family.

Is the music used copyrighted?
Yes. All the music used in any of the films are properly purchased and licensed.

Can I create my own package?
Absolutely. Customization sometimes is the only way to get a perfect fit. However, the pre-made packages are the best bang for your buck, hands down.

Are the camera's constantly rolling throughout the day?
No. In order to make films of the highest quality, we do not perform continuous non-stop filming. This helps maintain a clean balance and flow. The film makers have excellent knowledge of the shots needed for each film and will always shoot to the needs of the package booked. If you have additional footage you need covered please specify during your inquiry.